"Being someone’s first may be great, but being someone’s last is perfect."
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"Have you ever not known something but known it at the same time?"
- Cecelia Ahern, How to Fall in Love (via exoticwild)

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"I am not okay, but not okay is how I’ve learned to live."
- Don’t be fooled, M. L. L. (via splitterherzen)

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"Of course I’m crying. My fucking heart is breaking."
- I have a very hard time letting go (via 5weetsorrow)

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"i don’t need you
to fight my battles,
i just need
for you to be there
when my hands
begin to tremble
and my voice breaks,
to help me
steady my sword
and teach me
how to roar."
- m.v., I am my own savior, you are a companion. (via dragons-can-be-beaten)

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"I like clingy. I like when someone purposely grabs my hand to show other people I’m theirs. I like that when something exciting happens during the day, I’m the first person you want to tell. I like coming back to an “I miss you” text message when I’m in class or taking a nap. I like that random call at one in the morning just because you wanted to hear my voice. I little gestures that show I’m important, and you enjoy having me in your life."
- EY  (via deliriosity)

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  • My mate: If chess is a sport, I'm pretty sure ballet is a sport.
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